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iPad 2/3/4 Leather Case Genius Pro

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  • Securely type on your New iPad with the ZooGue Case Genius
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  • iPad Case Genius Pink
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Product Description


We even pay return shipping for all USA returns See Details Here

Compatible With iPad 2, The New iPad (3rd Gen) & (4th Gen)


The Case Genius is by far the best leather iPad Case out there


The ZooGue Leather iPad Case Genius Pro for iPad 2/3/4 is the most functional case available. Made from Genuine Leather, the ZooGue Case Genius Pro is adjustable to any angle with its innovative velcro design. It provides access to all ports, cameras and speakers.  The adjustable straps allow you to hang your new iPad just about anywhere. Securely mount it to your headrest in the car, or use it as a secure hand strap.


  • Cover Sleep & Wake Function
  • Special Velcro Guards
  • Hand Made With Genuine Leather
  • Access to All Ports, Buttons & Cameras
  • Adjustable to Any Angle Securely
  • Secure Hand/Wrist Strap
  • Dimensions 10 1/8" x 7 7/8" x 1"
  • Edge/Border Around the iPad Provides Corner Drop Protection
  • Edge/Border Enhances The Speaker Volume
  • Ultra Fine Micro Fiber Interior
  • Secure Magnet Closure (Keeps The Case Securely Closed)
Q:  What is the difference between the Case Genius & Case Genius Pro?
A:  New Improvements
  • Edge/Border Around The iPad Provides Corner Drop Protection
  • Edge/Border Enhances The Speaker Volume
  • Higher Quality Ultra Fine Micro Fiber Interior
  • Adjustable To Lower Angles More Securely
  • More Secure Magnetic Cover Closure
Special Thanks to Steve Jobs "We would not exist if it were not for you, RIP Steve" - CEO Tim Angel

Warranty Information

1 Year Limited Warranty

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Product Reviews

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  1. Excellent!!!

    Posted by Tommy on 20th Nov 2013

    Everything is great! I ordered it around 1,5 weeks ago, and I got it today. I live in norway. In norway if you pay more than 35$ you must pay another 35% of tax. I did not think of this at the time i ordered this product. But zoogue took real care of that, because on the package it said i paid only 10 dollars, so no taxes for me! I was so happy when i saw that. And the product itself is just what i wanted it to be. It's perfect. Just wonderful. Buy this one, i'm telling you, shipping, and the product itself is 100% trustable, in fact, i'm writing this with my iPad 4 using the case right now! Thank you zoogue

  2. Best for Business

    Posted by Glen on 11th Feb 2013

    I have had my Zoogue genius for about 1.5years. I have tried many various cases, and for my business purposes, this is easily the best case! On top of all the great features it's the stability of the multi angle stand that most sets it apart in my opinion. When I first received the case I was concerned that the Velcro would not last, but after 1.5 years of every day, all day, all evening (work & personal), use I have to say that it is still working, and although I'm sure it will wear out before the leather, it owes me nothing at this mileage & I will buy another without hesitation! For business use, this is the best case on the market!

  3. Best case ever.

    Posted by Vern on 5th Jan 2013

    Ordering my 3rd case today.

  4. Fantastic

    Posted by Therese D on 28th Dec 2012

    For months I have been researching cases for my iPad 3 (the New ipad). I am quite fussy and don't want to spend money on something that doesn't do what it is supposed to do or looks like something from the dollar store. After three months of looking around, I decided to ask my husband to get me the Genius Pro (in pink) for Christmas. I can't tell you how pleased I am!!!!

    The soft pink color is great, quite classy. My biggest and only concern before deciding on it was the velcro on the front. Was it going to look ugly or cheap?? No way! The leather is such good quality and the case is so well designed that the Velcro isn't even an issue.

    I love the protection the case provides. The iPad fits snuggly and there is no wiggling about. The corners are protected in the event of a drop and there is plenty of protection all around.

    The magnetic cover closure works great . The openings for the buttons/controls line up perfectly. One of the things I like best about this case is the versatility of the stand. I can adjust this to ANY angle. Other cases restrict you to using the iPad at two or three angles. With this case, the options are numerous.

    If you are considering this case, you won't be sorry. Great quality, genuine leather and great protection at a reasonable price.

    Thanks Zoogue!!

  5. Excellent Ipad cover

    Posted by Maxine on 16th Nov 2012

    Just what I was looking for and more. I broke my Ipad 1 by dropping it on the corner so I feel happy to know that if I was unlucky to drop my Ipad 3 that it has protection. I love the girls pink. A bonus product for holding the earphones is great. It was worth the shipping costs to the UK and it arrived very quickly. Thank you.

  6. Reviews are Correct

    Posted by Bill on 11th Oct 2012

    I spent days shopping for my first Ipad case and decided to give this one a try based on the websites previous reviews, photo's and video's. What you see is what you get! High quality, good looking, and functions perfectly. Awsome!

  7. I would have paid $100 for this case

    Posted by mjbrodeur on 25th Sep 2012

    But don't raise the price, it's good where it is. :)

    But seriously. This is the best case ever. I got it as a birthday gift. I read a lot and browse the web on my iPad, and it never felt right in my hand, it was heavy after an hour of reading in a chair. With this I can angle it however I want, and I don't have to hold it. Also, the headrest velcro strap is motherf***in' genius. We took our 2 year old daughter on a 3 hour road trip for a family vacation, not knowing how the heck we were gonna keep her busy for 3 hours. Except then I remembered the ZooGue case had a headrest strap. Ho-ly crap. Bought a season of Mickey Mouse, strapped the iPad to the headrest in about 3 seconds, hit play, she didn't make a peep the whole trip, just watched and relaxed, and when we got there, we just unstrapped the iPad, and took it inside.

    I've had multiple people ask me about my case at work when they see me using it, I'm up to 5 people now who've bought one after seeing mine and every person thanks me after getting theirs.

    One thing to note: Yes, it does add bulk to your iPad, but what case doesn't? The return you get from this case far outweighs the added size of the case. Trust me.

    Anyways, to conclude my rambling review, this is hands down the best iPad case out there. Period. Why are you still reading this? Go get one. Now. GO!

  8. Best iPad case, does what it says..

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Sep 2012

    I must admit after seeing demo on YouTube by soldier knows best, I knew my search for a case for my Motorola Xoom was over....till ipad3 came out. So I came back here for its case. Hands down the best case for iPads ..will more than likely outlast my iPad.
    I have one request though., can you make this case design for the iphone5? I think it would be an executive style case for it. I would like one .

  9. New Case Genius Pro

    Posted by Fivos on 28th Aug 2012

    Awesome case!!!! I have the previous version of this case and loved it.
    This case more refined and works better in all aspects, the case is more secure at all angles,is adjustable to more angles,the magnets work better and do keep the case shut(even upside down) The lining material is nicer,overall the case seems thinner and the kickstand lies flatter when closed.
    Also the stylus holder fits much better on the Case Genius Pro.
    I love the case strap thing as well I strap my iPad to everything while at work, tool carts,ladders, I beams, piping,scaffolds, it is great.
    Some of my co-workers use iPads as well with different rubberized cases with one viewing angle,most of the time the other cases are left on the ground while mine is strapped to something or propped open on a pile of equipment where the other cases would fall over.

    This case truly does make the iPad a more functional device.
    The case came fast too, I ordered it at 2:00 AM on a Wednesday and it arrived in Toronto, Canada at Noon Friday using one of the express options.

    This case is a nobrainer must have iPad item!!!
    It annoys me that all iPad owners don't have them.

    I can't wait to see more products from ZooGue!!!

  10. iPad Leather Case

    Posted by Tintin Puno on 24th Aug 2012

    iPad Leather Case really awesome A++++++++++

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